Tim Davis

Invoke-WebRequest or Invoke-RestMethod

So, you want to play with that shiny new ReST API you’ve discovered but in doing research on consuming ReST APIs with PowerShell you’ve discovered two different cmdlets Which one do I use? Which one is best? These are the same questions I had about 8 months ago.

C# to PowerShell: Finale

Welcome to the third and final C# to PowerShell article. These articles aren’t meant as full tutorials, merely a peek in to some of the changes you will experience moving from C# to PowerShell . I saved the best for last I promise you.

C# to PowerShell: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my C# to PowerShell series where I talk about interesting things I’ve learned on my path from C# to PowerShell. This article will focus on Casing, Error Handling and some of the minor oddities that PowerShell has.

Docker Compose on RancherOS

I lost the better part of an entire workday trying to figure out how to run docker-compose up on my RancherOS box. I found alot of other people asking the same question but nobody provided a clear cut answer.